Feedback from my recent customers: Updated Augustl 2022

Dear Marianne LaRoche,
I just wanted to let you know that the beaded dress was delivered
today. It is just wonderful. Thank you!

Hi Marianne.
it arrived safe and sound. I love it! thanks so much. Regards, Stuart

Hi Marianne,
I received everything today and I am very, very happy with all
of the linen.
Thank you for having such nice items. And for packing them so
I hope you are continuing to heal.

Dear Marianne LaRoche,
The plate arrived today in great condition. Thanks for packing it
so carefully! I hope to do business with you again.

Dear Marianne LaRoche,
Hi. I received the tablecloths and I'm pleased.

Dear Marianne LaRoche,
I received the tablecloths today and I'm happy with them. I have
more in my wishlist so you'll likely hear from me again! Thanks!
Sncerely, Beth

Hi Marianne!
The bowl came in today! It's a complete set again! Thank you so much!

Dear Marianne LaRoche,
Got it. Packed perfect !!!!! Love it. Thank you.
Vintage Loui Michel Cei by Bowon Yellow with Flowers Cloisonné Frame

Got it! Thank you! It was a gift and she loves it! Debra

Hello Marianne,
The cabinet arrived today. Thank you for packing it so carefully. It is really cute, and will definitely highlight the items I plan to display on it.
Take care, and best wishes. I'll hope to find something again from your Ruby Lane shop! Positive feedback has been left for your store.

Marianne - the package came today - that was sure fast! And the ice crusher looks new; even better than the pictures. I can't thank you enough for everything. Tena

Dear Marianne LaRoche,
Thank you so much for the Breyer Clydesdale Foal. It was packed
so well! I will keep an eye on your site as I would certainly buy
from you again. In appreciation, Lynn

It's here!!! The USPS guy just delivered the cup/saucer set!! So beautiful and worth the wait. Here's a picture so you see the set, safe and sound in its happy new home. I can't wait till tomorrow morning to drink my tea in it. Rock on, and thanks again! Eileen

Oh thanks so much for letting me know. Great pic and I love your teapot!

I got that teapot from another Ruby Lane vendor, though I can’t remember who at this point…that was earlier in my “travels” on Ruby Lane. I’ll be sure to remember you and this cup/saucer and continue to visit your page.

I so appreciate you staying in touch during this harrowing time for all of us, including the poor people working at USPS!


Just wanted to let you know that the bowls arrived today, just in time for our Christmas Eve celebration. They were in perfect shape thanks to your wonderful packing. It was a pleasure working with you. Merry Christmas,

Hi Marianne,
I just wanted to let you know that the coat arrived in good hands , finally.
I have no idea when I will have a chance to put it on, we are not so eager to travel during this crazy COVID time but one day I will send you a photo of me wearing the Bay of Hudson on my back.
Thank you again for your support, take care!

Received them today. Thank you so much. Set set of 10 is complete now. Gloria

Thanks Marianne! Love the color, perfect for what I needed. Sue

I got it a few days ago. Love it! Thanks, Ellen

Hi Marianne,
Our lovely Bauer piece arrived safely. You certainly packed it well! I appreciate it.
If you knew what we were going to use it for you probably wouldn’t have sold it to me. But here in Seattle, as everywhere I’m sure, we can use a little chuckle right now. So I will tell you.
We have a 14 year old cattle dog mix. Now that he is older and slower, we tend to lighten up on some of the rules and spoil him a little bit. While won’t give him people food, we do give him a few dog treats in the evening while we are having our wine and watching TV. It got to be a pain to go to the cabinet every few minutes. So...... the Bauer casserole sits on our coffee table with dog treats in it. Purchased specifically for that purpose?.
Here are a few pictures. The one of the buildings is the Seattle skyline, which is the view from our condo.
Thank you so much for our lovely transaction. I hope we can do business again sometime. Best of luck with your business during this difficult time.

Hi Marianne,
Got it just in time and it is so precious! Don't know how you can part with things like that, but grateful you are willing to. I replaced an old photograph on the entry wall in our Guest Room with it so it is the very first thing anyone sees when they walk in there. I really love it!! Many thanks, and Happy Valentine's Day! Lucinda

Dear Marianne LaRoche,
My items arrived today. The bangle is a great addition to my
collection of Bakelite. Love the purse as well. Thank you

Hi Marianne
I thought I would let you know that the package is received, I could track it all the way and she was very happy :)

Wanted to let you know that my package arrived this morning. Thank you so much!
I’ve had this set for probably 30 years now, but can’t for the life of me find the white one. I think my husband probably took it to use in his garage for something.

Hello Marianne,
Received the casserole dish and I Love it!!! Worth every penny. Hope the receiver of the gift loves it too.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the chenille bedspread. Thanks a million.

I received my order today. Thank you so much for
Packing and sending it with such
Care. It arrived in perfect shape. Thanks again,

Hi Marianne,
Just received the pitcher. The color looks great in my kitchen.
Thank you! And thank you for the careful packaging.

I am sorry it took me a few days to reply I was sick for a few days. I received my beautiful hat in the mail on Thursday of last week, I was very excited to receive the hat and I love the hat.
I look forward to doing more business with you. have a great day! Thank you, Susie

Hi Marianne,
I just got them today. They are so cute. However they are not for me they are a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. She has an impressive collection of Wizard of OZ things both old and new including dolls most of which I gave her.(Dolls) I have bought, sold and collected dolls for the past 40 years (although I don't anymore) and somehow I missed this set.You did wonderful job of wrapping them and I'm going to leave them just as they are. Thank you for a job well done!!

Carefully wrapped. Really nice old doll furniture. I am grateful for the top notch service !

Great seller! Quilt was shipped so quickly after buying and came just as described. Love the quilt so much!

I got the quilt and I ADORE it!!! it’s beautiful!!! thank you so much!!! Jen

Dear Marianne,
Wonderful shopping with you. The spatula has arrived and has found a
special place in my kitchen. Thank you so very much.
Happy 4th of July to you. Jody

I got the pitcher and love it! Thanks so much. Deb

Everything arrived in excellent condition. Thank you. Steve

Hi Marianne,

I got the package today and I am very excited about this purchase! The mare is a very special one with such an unusual nice coloring -
and she's so neat with a sweet expression!
You made me very happy with this purchase and wanted to thank you again so much for having sold her to me. And: You wrapped her
perfectly in a big box, so she had a safe and sound travel.

I just left nice feedback for you on Ruby Lane! :-)

Lots of kind regards from Switzerland,

The pan was described well so there were no surprises. The pan is very nice. My first Kobenstyle piece. Packaging was very, very well done (took five minutes to get it open but I truly appreciated the care). Thanks! Dawn

I collect yo yo items, usually dolls and smaller pieces, but I have saved these quilts forever so today was the time. I can tell from examining them they are quite old, but still useful and will be loved. The colors are truly rich, especially the purple. Inez

Love the towel, and thanks for the fast ship. Pat

I received the bowl. It’s beautiful. Thank you very much. Lynn
RL-071801 | Pyrex Spring Blossom Green Cinderella 750 ml Mixing Bowl 441

Hi Marianne,
Today, I received the beautiful Art basket brooch and it is wonderful and I will wear it often! Please let me know when I can leave the positive feedback for this item on the Ruby Lane site and I want to thank you again for all your help in letting me purchase this vintage brooch from your store:)

Thank you for the great quality of the previous items I purchased and received some time
ago but only unpacked today . You can see from this order that we really appreciate the
sock monkeys.

Hi Marianne, I received the Pert Pat
coffee table, and it's great! Thank you so much for selling it
to me. I've tried to leave positive review, but can't find a way
that works, since my account doesn't show our transaction. I
just wanted you to know I really like the little table, and you
did a wonderful job on packing it, and on the fast shipping!
Have a great rest of the week! Sharon

Beautiful cups and saucers! They are exactly what was described and pictured, and are wonderful! I've been buying from Chez Marianne for several years, but this is the first time I've left feedback. I have never been disappointed by any of Marianne's descriptions or photos. She always does a fabulous job packing fragile items so they won't be damaged in transit. She is a friendly, very knowledgeable seller, who is great about communicating. So many beautiful things in her shop! O, to have an unlimited budget!

Stellar seller and great product. My package was re-routed and misdelivered, and Marianne was very helpful in helping to track it down. I finally received my mid-century vase today and it is fantastic. Highly recommend.

I love the hippie beads ! Packed carefully and sent quickly. Chez Marianne is a nice shop with some Cool items. Great correspondence too---

Thank you so much Marianne,
I love the tablecloth and appreciate your great service!
Here's a pic of this wonderful tablecloth on my table. My home has a lot of décor from the 60's and 70's, so it's perfect.

Item arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Wonderful experience with this seller.

Your cheerfully wrapped package arrived safely just days after my order! Thank you for your very careful wrapping and super fast shipping. I love the wonderful Tiki mug, and I know my sister will, too. Many thanks!

This jacket fits my sister and she is able to wear it with many things. Thank you for making this possible

Hi Marianne,
Thank you for sending my hat so quick! I ordered it on 12-21 and
received it on 12-26. I have never received merchandise so quick
from anybody. It is beautiful! I love it and cant wait to wear
Thank you again.

Hi Marianne, the two little cups and saucers arrived safely. I also collect anything made of Mother of Pearl so if you have something I haven't seen let me know. Thanks, Jan

Bakelite Blessings To You!! The bracelet is a real beauty and I am so happy with it. Fast shipping and the very best packing. Thank You Marianne for a wonderful transaction. Carol

The shelf arrived yesterday & it is perfect. Thank you.

I absolutely love this item. It is actually a hanging garment bag and it is beautiful. Thank you!

Love the Renoir choker! Just posted a review of the purchase . .
. thanks for sharing your find! And for getting it in the mail so
quickly. Laura And, again, many thanks for your great find and equally great customer service.

Everything was just lovely; I'm so pleased! Susan

Hi, Received the bracelet yesterday. Love it!!! Thank you so much, Barb

Delighted with my red and white enamel dipper/ladle. Will go perfectly with my cute red table and chairs. An instant time machine back to the '40s/'50s. Thanks a heap! Christine

Dear Marianne LaRoche,
RECEIVED!! Thanks..... Deb

Thank you, it is very nice - can't wait to use it during the Christmas holiday. Thank you
(vintage Christmas tablecloth)

Thank you so much for the Owl Cookie jar. It is very nice and will make the perfect gift for our daughter, who loves owls. The packing was excellent. It arrived safely. Thanks again.
Allen C.

Hi Marianne,
I must compliment you on the excellent and professional packaging.
I have had porcelain shipped from many place through the world but your box within a box was the best.
The canister was as described and in excellent condition.
Thank you,

Hi Marianne,
They arrived safe and sound as you took great care to perfectly pack them! I'm very pleased with both & about to head over to Ruby Lane to leave feedback, thank you again!! Have a great day, I'm certain to be shopping with you again soon!!

Beautiful, thank you. Love this shop. Sellers are amazing!

I was delighted with my purchases from Chez Marianne. I was also impressed with the careful wrapping of the breakable items. It must have taken a lot of time to put my package together. Very quick service! Thank you!!

Thank you very much for the splendid cape and the yo yo pillow. It is always good to check out your shop!

Received the cookie jar yesterday! Perfect condition! I love love it! Thanks so much Jacki

Hello Marianne,
Just a short note to let you know that I received the tikis today. They look great!! I will be sure to keep an eye out for tiki related items in your store. Looks like we share similar taste in vintage tiki, and I have a real affinity for vintage DC/MD local mugs as well.
Thanks again! Doran

Hi Marianne, Received the hat. I absolutely love the hat. It is perfect. It is the only uplift I have had today.
Tragically, half of the town of Mountainair, NM burned down today. A little struggling town. I'm so sad.
Absolutely love my hat. Happy holidays.
Thank you Donna

They arrived today. Both are so cute! It was very nice doing
business with you. Thank you for the great service. Happy

The monkey arrived today. Boy is she cute! She arrived so quickly
and was packaged very nicely. Thank you so much. I was so pleased
I ordered 2 more from you
. Bernie

Thank you for this wonderful group of vintage hankies and aprons. It was so wonderful to get them so quickly. i highly recommend this shop. Inez

Hi Marianne,
The glasses arrived safely and I am so excited to have them again. These are so perfect they look brand new. If you ever come across the juice glasses to match, let me know. I would love to have those again as well.
Again, thank you so very much

I got it today. It’s just lovely. Thank you very much!!
Yours truly, Barbara (Tapestry Purse)

Received...LOVE it...thanks so much, Deb (harvest Basket Brooch)

Hi Marianne,
Just a note to let you know that the doll shoes and socks arrived safely today and I'm very happy with them! Thank you very much for making this such a pleasant transaction in every way!

My bowl arrived today in great shape. I love it, it completes the set I got as wedding present 53 years ago. I broke that one many years ago and just started looking for a replacement.
My set is much worn from use. Thanks again, Janet

Exquisite tea tray linen went straight to my sister and her husband as an anniversary gift. Thank you very much and I highly recommend this shop.

Marianne, my canister arrived today and what a wonderful surprise
I found inside! I absolutely love the earrings! They are
officially my new favorites! You are so thoughtful!!! Thank
Warm Wishes!!

Hi Marianne,
I received all of the Pyrex earlier this afternoon. It all looks great! And you sure do know how to pack fragile items well! Thank you so much!

I got my beautiful bowl today and in one piece thanks to your suburb packing thank you very are awesome!!!!! Lynda

safely arrived, and in great shape! thank you (Strombecker Maple Doll Furniture)
Thanks, Lynn

Thank you, Marianne. I received the hanky set today, and they are precious! Just as you described. I’ll probably frame them someday - too lovely to use!
Vintage Fashionista

Hi Marianne,
just to let you know the scarf arrived today. It's gorgeous! I'll
be keeping my eyes open. All the best. Krista
(Vera scarf)

Got it! Perfect! (Dru Pan) Thanks! Meryl

My order arrived just fine. Thank you, Mary
I ’m very pleased with platter. The shine is still so bright on it…..Thank you again, Mary

Marianne, the panels and plate arrived in today's mail. They were packaged so well, and of course, both are beautiful. I am thinking of hanging the valances over some vintage pink lace panels. Thanks again for your prompt and courteous service. P.S. You have some other items I am looking at.

Hi Marianne!
Thank you so much! The vase arrived today and it is beautiful!

The shades are fabulous! Thanks SO much. I HAD to wear cat eye type glasses as a child, as that was all that was available. Now they are hot...and I'm NOT!

I got the bud vase! It's so perfect!
Thank you, Cathy

Dear Marianne,
Many Thanks for the wonderful items ....
Kind Regards - Judith

Thank u for quick delivery! I am looking for the 4 qt. mixing bowl to the set. Let me know if u have it. Thanks, Midge I am so impressed with your business.

(Breyer Horse)

It is here, and it is wonderful. This being my first purchase via Ruby Lane, I am wondering if there is a process to leave a review? Here is my review for you: I am so very pleased with my bracelet! I have never seen one quite like it, and the price was much more reasonable that I could believe. It arrived quickly, was beautifully packaged, and has has proudly taken it's place in my herd of bangles. I will be back for more! Cheers, Kate

Dear Marianne,
Thank You very much for the beautiful items....
Best Regards - Judith

Hi Marianne! Thank you for your wonderful, prompt communication. The curtains are my first purchase through Ruby Lane and you've made it a great experience so far!! Can't wait to receive the curtains, I just had my 1950 bungalow completely remodeled and I can't wait to hang the new curtains in my media room. I will let you know when they arrive. Thank you again.

Oh my Gosh!! Curtains arrived today and they couldn't be more perfect!! The colors match my wool rug perfectly and nicely compliment the steel grey walls. Thank you so much!!

I received the quilt and bedspread today - they are both beautiful. Thank you!

We've received the package today and it looks fantastic!
Thanks so much!
Richard (waterlily and iris tablecloth)

Hi Marianne!
Just to let you know I received the chenille spread today. Oh so pretty! What a lovely color!
Thank you,

Hi Marianne,
I received my order today and I couldn't wait to open the box. I LOVE my "new", old Pyrex cookware! I was so very lucky to have found your site. Thank you for you awesome communication, and the quick, safe and secure shipping of the package. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!
Thanks again so much!
Take care,

Hi Marianne - I received the quilt and it is BEAUTIFUL! Wow, imagine having the time these days to do the heartfelt work that was done at the turn of the century?
I will check your listings often to see what you have.
Thank you for the speedy shipment.

Hi Marianne, I received the bowls I ordered today and they arrived intact. Thanks for bringing a piece of my moms kitchen to my house. Those were a special memory. Thanks again
Sandy (Pyrex Primary Colors set)

Thank you very much, Marianne.
I have received the napkins.
They look great. I wish your business continuous success.
Best regards,

Hi Marianne,
I wanted to let you know that the doll dress arrived safely today and I'm very happy with it - it's so pretty (and was wrapped up so pretty, too!) and just what I was looking for! Many thanks again for giving me the opportunity to purchase it and for making this such a pleasant transaction! Have a great week!

Just a note to tell you I received the beautiful sugar & creamer today and I am VERY pleased with them. Well packaged and quick response in getting them mailed out. I appreciate that. Thanks a lot, you certainly can give yourself an A for what you do...I am pleased with what and how this transaction went. Gerri

Hi Marianne.....Gorgeous pitcher....great color!!!! Fun
wrapping.....thank you!!!! Lora
(Hall Pitcher)

He arrived, he's absolutely lovely! Thank you so much. Malia (Breyer Arabian Stallion)

Hi Marianne
Just wanted to let you know I left great feedback for you. You were wonderful, my doll arrived very quickly and she really looks like my old one.

Arrived today in fine condition. Already place in my kitchen.
Thank you. Very nice. My house, 1930, large space above the cabinets (9' ceilings), the old yellowbowls not only look great, but I can use them as well.
Thank you, again.
I sometimes wish these bowls "could talk" as I wonder the WHO made WHAT in them, lots of history there.

Hi Marianne
Received the pictures in the mail today!! I LOVE THEM!! They're perfect for the room. I think we are good. I could use one more in the same series. Let me know If you find one. Also the package was so well wrapped and arrived in perfect condition!!
Thank you so much.

Package arrived today, beautifully packed.
Thank you, Steven
(Pyrex Amish Farmer butterprint bowls set)

Hi Marianne,
I received the Tablecloth and gave it to my mom for Christmas and she loved it! Thank you so much, for the speedy shipment and a beautiful Tablecloth and such care in the packaging. You are very kind and thoughtful and it is most appreciated.
Happy Holidays, Beth

It arrived. It looks wonderful! Thanks so much and best wishes for the holidays! (I"m only disappointed there weren't cookies in the cookie jar! :)) David (Friar Tuck Thou Shalt Not Steal Cookie Jar)

Thank you so much, Marianne! They were waiting for me when I got home from work last night but I was too tired to open them. You really know how to pack glassware! I just opened one to look because I bought them for a gift. I love them! They’re perfect. I thought each glass was a different boat but I like it better the way they are. Thanks again. And also, thanks for the quick shipping!
All the best,

Hi,We received it yesterday and love it.Thanks again!! (Christmas tablecloth)
Best regards,

My scarf is wonderful. Nice doing business with you. God bless your business. Janna (Vera scarf)

Hi - -Just to let you know -- my mom received the package today. She was very happy -- Thank yoU!! (Magnalite Roaster)

Hello Marianne
I have been away for two weeks so have only just arrived home and collected the parcel I'm delighted with the set it's an engagement present for my eighteen year old Grandaughter
Once again thank you Charles
(deco bakelite and chrome cocktail set)

All arrived safely. Very pleased! Jacques (three tiki mugs)

Hi Marianne;
The hat arrived today. What a lovely little piece.
Thanks so much,

Hi, Marianne,
Just to let you know the hat arrived safe and sound earlier this week, and I just love it! Thank you so much!
Your service was very prompt and it was a pleasure doing business with you! Barb

Good Morning, Old pie safe is in the house and the pyrex is beautiful. Everything arrived in perfect condition.
Thank you, Vickie

Hello Marianne,
I received the beautiful "Center Stage" brooch in the mail today.
It is beautiful and has completely exceeded my expectations. My
friend Jennifer is going to LOVE it!!! Especially since she is
always "Center Stage" ; )
Thanks as well for taking such great care in packaging it up and
sending it off to me so quickly. I hope to do business with you
again in the near future.
I wish that there was a more public way of showing feedback with Rubylane.
Thanks again for being a great experience on Rubylane.
Have an excellent week-end.
Best Regards, Jason

I received my spread. It is beautiful. Thank you for offering this item. It fits perfectly with the room I just had painted. Joyce

Hi Marianne,
The shakers arrived today safe and sound. Thanks for the great packing job to keep them safe during transit. I want to use these daily. What do you recommend for the tarnish? I'm not sure If I should use them with the tarnish in place, however, If I remove it, could it affect value? Thanks,

The tops are sterling, I assume. Take them off and use a good but gentle silver polish. I like Twinkle or Hagerty's Liquid. DO NOT USE TARNEX!!! It may take a few applications if they are severely tarnished. Be gentle. Use a soft sponge for application (Twinkle comes with its own) after wash thoroughly and shine with a soft cloth (old cotton diapers are great for this). Enjoy your beautiful salt and peppers.
Delmarva Glass Club member

The scarf is beautiful, Marianne. Thank you! Joan
Vintage Vera Soft Daffodils Flowers Print Scarf

Hi Marianne - just received the Petite Princess chair, and I LOVE
IT!! Thank you so much for shipping it to me so quickly. Please
advise what else I'll need to do to mark this transaction as
complete. This is my first purchase at Ruby Lane so I really appreciate the experience! :) Thank you again. Regards, Janice

Got both horses, they look great, thanks! Jenny (Breyer dapples)

The earrrings arrived safely, I like them very much.
Thank you.

Dear Marianne
today I received your package! Lovely items in a wonderful condition! Thank you for collecting and sending it to me.
All the best
(Victorian Peignoir Set)

I received the earrings yesterday and they are wonderful. I
purchased them for my office mate that has a Christmas tree pin
collection, but has no Christmas tree earrings! Thank you. Janie

Dear Marianne,
The beautiful purple pin has arrived safely. The shades of purple are very pretty and one of them is the 'shade of the year' so I will enjoy wearing this very much.
Thank you,

Just arrived. Very nice !
Bernadette (1950's Acme Teeter-Totter Dollhouse Miniature)

Hi, Received Blendo this morning in perfect condition. Merry Christmas and thanks.Sent from my iPad Leslie

Hat arrived safely. Just gorgeous! Thank you. Now all I have to
do is find the frock to do it justice . . . Regards, Annette

Marianne: Wing Commander arrived today in perfect shape. Thanks so much! Everyone at the barn is excited to see him!
Thanks for the email. We look forward to adding Wing Commander to our
family. He is the Great, Great Grandsire of our saddlebred, Glenmore's Blue
Angel (or Sophie as we call her). We are currently trying to get Will
Shriver who was her Great Grandsire so we can have a couple of her bloodline
in our collection.

Hello, Marianne,
The panel arrived, and it is beautiful. (chenille hobnail curtain)

Thanks, Marianne, my Copco pan arrived today in beautiful condition. My little grands are going to be so happy with their breakfasts from now on!
Thanks a lot! I look forward to receiving this little frying pan. I have one like it that I've had for decades, and now my little grandsons tell their mother that they don't want eggs cooked in her no-stick skillet. They want eggs cooked in the very same yellow frying pan that Grandma has! Very flattered, I immediately went to the internet to see if I could find one. So glad you had it. There will be some happy little boys.
Thank you,

Hi Marianne,
My doll arrived home safely. She is so cute in person. I'm so happy that I purchased her. Thank you for the fast delivery. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks again

Yellow Pot arrived save and sound, in the cutest wrapping I have ever received!!! Thank you!!!!

Marianne....the table clothes arrived safe and sound....can't wait to use them!!

It arrived and I love it!! thanks again. [: Kayla (vintage Fieldcrest chenille bedspread)

Hi Marianne!
They are perfect! We chose Benjamin Moore's Filtered Light to pick up the color in the circles.
They are really nice quality! (Karla Kasper drapes)
Thank you!

Rec'd them yesterday!! Thanks, Much:) Second set of pyrex Primary colors bowls

OMG....I received the bowls today and they are in MINT condition!!!! The best I've yet to see!!! Thank you so much, Marianne!!Would consider another set, if they're that great!!!! (Pyrex Primary Colors set)

Hi Marianne, I received my bowl today in perfect condition, thank you. It was a worry free transaction.

Hi Marianne,
The goodies arrived today, they are all gorgeous - I love them all. I'm still drooling over them!
Thanks very much,

just wanted you to know the bowl arrived safely and
is the missing piece to the set of 4 i already had. thanks so
much. margaret.

The salt and pepper shakers arrived safely today. Thank you!! Lori

Hi Marianne! I just wanted to let you know that the carousel circus glasses arrived just the other day in perfect condition. I was so delighted to find them on the internet after an extensive search. I have many wonderful memories of sharing ice cream floats with my grandma in her 1950's-style kitchen every summer. She has passed, but I have 3 children now and they love hearing about the times I had while growing up. We're looking forward to the new traditions we'll make with them this summer in our very own kitchen! Thanks so much for helping me keep my grandma's memory alive!
Sincerely, Andrea

Received it yesterday and it looks great. (Red Roses apron) Thank you! Andrea

Marianne, they arrived today thank you so much!! They are absolutely darling, I love them! thank you and the best to you too and your business ! its been a joy dealing with you! Bertie (deco chrome cream and sugar bakelite handles)

The earrings arrived yesterday. They are adorable! Thanks ; } Janie

Hi Marianne,
it arrived today. (vintage fabric)
Much thanks! Thanks for making my shopping experience with you so pleasant!

Hi Marianne, my parrots flew in, and they are perfect!!! Thank
you so much!!! Chris

Hi Marianne,
I have just received your wonderful pin, it is lovely and I thank you for the well packaged item.

Happy Easter!
Just received the yellow and white adorable Michael Lax pan. Just as described, and super well packed.
Thank you for such personable service!

I have received my tablecloths. I think they came in last Thursday or Friday. they are beautiful.
This is the first time I've purchased through a small online business, and you made it very easy. Thanks for your help.

Bonjour Madame,
I have received the shawl. It looks amazing! Thank you!
Merci Beaucoup!

Hi Marianne,
The cute little bowl arrived today and is perfect, I just love it! Great condition and
very very well packed. I'm very happy with it! Thanks so much! I will certainly
recmmend you to everyone I know :)
Vicky MacDonald

Hi Marianne,
The spread arrived this morning. It's lovely!!! The color will be
perfect. I was going to save it until I bought the new mattress and
set up my Victorian bedroom downstairs, but I just couldn't resist
trying it on my 1920's poster bed upstairs. Looks wonderful with the
colors there too. I'm fond of all shades of rose.
Anyway, thanks so much for all. I haven't found a way to leave a
comment about a Ruby Lane seller. If there's a way to give you high
praise, please let me know.
Take Care,

Hi Roberta,
Delighted to hear it!!! Sounds wonderful! Bates of Maine still makes these spreads, I've seen them in Vermont Country store catalog, but they don't make the pink ones anymore.
I have a personal feedback page which I have linked to my Ruby Lane shop With your permission, may I put your comments on it? I only use first names.

Hi Marianne,
,Yes, of course you may. I'm glad to have others see how happy I am with not only my item, but your great communication and service.
Take care,

Hello Marianne!!
I got the package today. Thank you. It was like Christmas morning!! They are Adorable Thanks!!
Grace (Pyrex Butterfly mixing bowls set.)

Received the bowl. Love it! Thanks.Annie

Hi Marianne
Earrings have nice. I have just ordered another pair. Clip earrings are not easy to find. My wife loved them.

Got it. Lovely! Thank you! (Bakelite Rose Brooch)

Hi Marianne,
I received the tray and towels. The towels are really cute!
Thanks for your emails.
Received the table cloths and piggy today. Thanks for the secure packing! I had not saved many of my mothers nick naks so piggy sits proudly. Thanks again. Karen

Dear Marianne:
Thanks it arrived today. You are to be complimented on your fast efficent service (Taffeta apron)

Dear Marianne. Thank you so much for the two beautiful tablecloths which arrived today. They are perfect and will look lovely on the cake and dessert tables. Shall I send you a picture? The wedding is at the end of March.
Very kind regards,
Di. (Australia).
Marianne, please add my words to the feedback page. I would be delighted if they helped people realise how much care you go to and how lovely your items are. Regards, Di

I just wanted to tell you I love the
Native American Indian bedspread. It's going to be hung up in my
tepee! It's beautiful! And I was impressed at how quickly I
received it!
Blessings to you!

Hi, Marianne! Just a quick note to let you know I received the glasses on Mon. late afternoon here just in time for Christmas. The packing was wonderful, the glasses are awesome, and the gift was a hit! You're a star! Thanks for your help, and happy holidays again!

Hi Marianne!
I am so sorry I'm so late with letting you know that I LOVE the fry pan. It is a perfect size for one, and I just love it.
Hugs, Dinah

Thanks so much. Received the cups and saucers and they are in fantastic shape. This particular pattern is one my mother has owned since the mid-1950s, purchased while my father was sailing the Pacific in the Navy. She was down to one cup, using it with great care. This will be a great surprise for her this Christmas.

Aloha Marianne,
The Waikiki --is a wonderful addition to my collection and I'm very happy to keep this one on the East Coast too. :-) Is there a story behind your good fortune of multiple mugs, or an estate find?
Warmest regards & Happy Holidays!

"The pin was exactly as represented, it was mailed as promised, and arrived nicely wrapped." (Ceramic Siamese Cat)

Hi Marianne
It has arrived & I am thrilled. (Morgan Jones Minuette Chenille)
Thank you so much for organizing the posting of it. Best Regards

FYI I received the 2nd mug. Many thanks again!

Hi Marianne:
The "Waikiki" mug arrived today with nary a scratch or dent in the box and the mug itself is very nicely preserved and, as you mentioned, gorgeous..!
Thanks for the excellent packing and quick service.
"Best wishes for a great Thanksgiving" to you and yours..!

Got the Christmas package. Cool mug and amazing packing as well! I saw you had another mug for sale as well. Very nice. If you decide to sell anymore shoot me an e-mail.
Many thanks!

Dear Marianne: Received tablecloth today and it is lovely! Many thanks! You have been wonderful and all the best. Sharon

Arrived today - so pleased! Thank you again Marianne! Chelsea (Black Lotus Cathrineholm pan)

Hi Marianne:
Just wanted to let you know that the Laughing Guy Tiki mug arrived in perfect condition earlier today.
It's a nice vintage addition to my Tiki Mug collection.

Hi Marianne ~~~ sorry for the delay getting back to you! Yep, the Breyer Belgian arrived safe and sound, and he's wonderful!!! ;-) He's very very dark, and I do love those big splotchy dapples! I'm just thrilled with him. A VERY rare model that I've wanted for an extremely long time. Thank you SO much!
Very best wishes, Karen

Hey Marianne:The bowls arrived in A1 condition thanks to your very careful packaging.  I know my daughter will enjoy them.  Thank you for your expert attention to my order.
I enjoy buying from people like you - you go the extra mile and it is appreciated.  I know it's early, but have a happy holiday season. Thanks again. Frances (Pyrex Primary Colors Mixing Bowls Set)

It arrived and it's perfect! Thanks for the great price and service!!! Katherine (Victorian Piano Shawl)

Hi Marianne, The vintage chenille bedspread is just as described, and in great condition. Thanks for making this such a pleasant transaction. I'll be sure to keep an eye on your shop.
Thanks, Penn

Hi Marianne, The lovely crocheted pieces have arrived and are
beyond my expectations! I am so pleased and will really enjoy
working these beautiful pieces into something very special!
Thank you for getting them here so quickly! Thank you for
everything! Lora

Hi Marianne,
The fireplace and table set arrived yesterday. They are both lovely! I had this entire set as a child and am completing the missing pieces for a new dollhouse project we are designing.
Best regards,

Thank you so much for sending it quickly - it arrived safely and in great condition! Luau Hut Tiki Mug

the ashtray just arrived and in excellent shape - thanks, Don

Hi Marianne,
I got the painting and it is very pretty!
I think the painter is Tatyana Lushnikova; I found a website with other paintings of hers and there are several others of lilacs and other flowers in a similar style. She is Russian and lives and works in St. Petersburg.
The pieces I found online go for a lot more than $150.00. I am very happy to have gotten this very nice painting at such a good price, though!
Best Wishes,

Hi Marianne,
The owl pin came today - it's absolutely adorable! Prettier than I expected. Thank you so much! I'll be wearing the owl at my son's wedding - making it an important item!
Take care,Wendy

I absolutely am in love with my pink rose bedspread! Thanks bunches~ Angela

I just received the hanky I bought from and am glad to add it to
my collection of designer hankys. Thanks, Mary Ann

I received everything yesterday!!
Thank You!
I am very pleased.. :)
Take Care!!

Hi again , Love the earrings, they are really beautiful! Absopositive!!! are five star all the way! Lois (Calypso Earrrings)

Arrived, beautiful, thank you! :) great service! Lynn (Signed Enamel on Copper Tray Dish 50's Modern)

Hi I received the pillow case & it's adorable :)
Thanks! Lillian (Alphabet Embroidered pillow sham)

The robe arrived today. It's absolutely gorgeous! And it fits our actor perfectly. Thank you!
We are very happy with the whole transaction.
Kathleen Conery
School of Theatre and Dance
James Madison University

Hi Marianne,
Thank you so much for the excellent packaging and super speedy shipping. The painting (PBN Heather) arrived safe and sound and exactly as described. It's been a pleasure to do business with you.
Best, Melissa

Hi Marianne,
Received Easter table runner yesterday.
Very delicate and beautiful, if you come across another one or one similar please let me know.

Hello Marianne ; it is arrived its so nice ! Merci. Caroline (Trifari Jack in the Box Brooch)

Thanks! It's arrived and is lovely. Bryn
Hi Bryn,
Thanks so much for letting me know! Just curious, can you translate the motto?

The motto is actually a joke. In German, people say "Aus heiterem Himmel" for "Out of the clear blue sky." The apron says the equivalent of "the clear blue sky," suggesting that the woman wearing it is the person, who does everything like magic -- she's the one who makes it all happen as if it just fell out of the clear blue sky. Our kitchen is decorated with traditional German and American kitchware in red and white. This apron is the perfect addition to our collection!
Thanks again,

Thank you, everything arrived and is as lovely as anticipated! (Three vintage tablecloths).Very pleased with my purchase.
Best wishes

I just received the ashtray - absolutely great! Please consider me if you find more (early Hall matchholders)
It was a pleasure doing business with Chez Marianne - the product was well represented, Marriane was friendly and courteous, and delivery was prompt. I look forward to more happy buying!

Did I tell you?
The tricycle arrived on Sat 3/3 just in time for my grand baby's Sunday visit. Out of a home stocked with toys, she always finds the new ones in about a minute and a half! She loved them. Scooter and swing set too.On a personal note, I played with these very same items in my youth (I’m 67) and my mother gave them away before I was married. Now I want to share them with my 21⁄2 year old granddaughter who stays with me every Sunday. I can’t wait to show them to her. Mine were bought in the 40’s at the “five and dime” – probably for just pennies. Amazing how you’ll spend anything for grandchildren!

Hi, Marianne,
The four beautiful red-seat Duncan Phyfe-style Ideal dollhouse chairs arrived this week. They are perfect!
I have my dollhouse from the '50's, and it intrigues me that my Mother bought the kind of furniture for my dollhouse that she eventually purchased for our home. Most of my furniture is missing, so I am filling in the gaps. Thank you, Joan
Marianne, Thanks for the picture of your dollhouse. Do I send Renwal twin beds and kitchen table like mine? My house is not full, but I have a great start.
Of course you may use my comments! I did not mention that you have been the MOST prompt shipment I have ever received! Thanks again, Joan

The suitcase arrived today!! And it's perfect! My fiancé, who never really is that interested in the wedding planning, even said it was awesome!
Thanks so much for keeping me updated on the order status and for such a great suitcase! It was in great condition!
I am happy to say loads of wonderful thing about your service, product, and how nice it was that you kept me in the loop about shopping details. Etc.
It is so nice to have sellers that are that professional.
Thank you again. I think it may be one of my favorite pieces to the wedding!
Best wishes,

Hi Marianne,
I just wanted to let you know the box (with blanket) arrived safe and sound yesterday. I was away from home most of the day but when I came in, it was waiting in a nice dry spot when I got here. Thanks very much for the care you took when packaging it up…….we had an extremely stormy day yesterday and if it weren’t for your packaging and my mail carrier’s efforts to put things where they stay dry, who knows what might have happened to it.
It’s beautiful and just exactly as you described!! I’m positive it will be treasured for many years to come.
It’s been such a pleasure working with you and I wish you much success in 2012.
Thanks again so much.

I received the mugs today! My mother loves them. Thank you so much!I really appreciate everyting.
I am very excited and have been searching for these mugs.
My Great Grandmother had these mugs, and I am purchasing them as a gift for my Mother, who was very close to her.
Thank you so much!

My shopping experience was rewarding, as my long search for vintage barkcloth was over! I found the exact vintage barkcloth print--a rarity-- and it was real vintage fabric. It was in great shape--no fading or dry rot. The advertisement and picture were true to the products. But, what was even more rewarding was the way I was treated by owner, Marianne LaRoche. She was in constant communication with me even pointing me in the right direction for the fabric I wanted. I loved doing business with Marianne snd her company!
I love all the fabric, especially the forest scene. It is exactly what I wanted. And, the three pieces can make three curtains with the scenes the same on each curtain. I cannot believe I found this! Really and truly I didn't think I would ever find this fabric. I have a book entitled "A Very Modest Cottage," which shows curtains on windows using this barkcloth. I have been searching. Teresa

Hi Marianne,
So sorry for my delayed response. I did receive the beautiful percolator and it works wonderfully!
Thanks so much :)
Best regards,

The tray just arrived and it's beautiful. Thanks so much.

Marianne~she arrived safely and is wonderful~love everything about her~I wonder who made her.
She has such a feeling of goodness and peace~and such great details~her face~her costume and material~her sturdy body~I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I am very happy to have her here in my home~Madeline

Hi Marianne, Received the cocktail shaker yesterday in excellent condition. Thank you so much for your prompt service! Wendy

Hi Marianne,
Great news! I received your package and the percolator arrived in perfect condition --- thanks for doing such a good job of packing. Overall, the percolator is in very good condition and works just fine -- I perked some coffee and it's really fast for such a large unit. Thanks for everything and it was a pleasure dealing with you. I hope we can do business again in the future. Stay warm!

Dear Marianne,
The package got here today and it is in perfect condition. I have never received anything so well packed. Thank you so much for taking such care with it. I have washed it, filled it with chocolate chip cookies and will be bringing it to my daughter, tonight, to “Give her back her childhood.” We are all so excited! Thank you for this big “UP.”
All the best,

Hi Marianne,
I got it yesterday: It is just as cute as can be!! Thanks again so much!! (small paella pan)

Hi Marianne,
I got it today! It is gorgeous!! It was a great transaction in everyway!! Thanks for the advise. I already have two recipes for my Paella pan to try:)Thanks again sooo much!

Hi Marianne--This item arrived safely. It has to be one of the
most stunning crochet doilies I've ever seen-& also the largest!
You have no idea how well it's going to fit into the decor of my
newly designed living room! Just one suggestion though: I had a
really hard time getting the package opened. I couldn't figure
out where to put the scissors blade & I was afraid I'd cut the
doily in the process. I think you should pack them looser & with
much less tape. Thanks!--Natalie
Thanks for making my first experience with Ruby Lane a great one :) -Natalie

Hi Marianne,
The blankets arrived!
They're beautiful!
Thank you again,

Hello again Marianne!
A late confirmation of safe arrival of that FANTASTIC brooch. A really unusual/interesting colour. And very well packed, thank you.
The parcel arrived on 25 November, so that was pretty good going, I thought! Well done USPS.
Hoping you had a great birthday following Thanksgiving, and have enjoyed a happy Christmas too. Here’s to a healthy (and prosperous??) 2012!
Thanks for your trouble and the opportunity to buy something so pleasing.
Kind regards, sorry for slow response,

Hi Marianne-
Your beautiful Dru pieces arrived safe and sound in this afternoon's mail. Today has been crazy-busy and I just opened them now. They are each exquisite. The packing was the most elaborate job I've ever seen and the outside box was even wrapped! Thank you, Marianne. Our daughter absolutely LOVED the Dru casserole dish!
Again, thank you.

Thanks for being so speedy!
Happy Holidays,

Hi Marianne,
I received the package last night, the chenille is beautiful and I love the pin!!
It was a great deal and exactly as you presented it, very beautiful!
Thank you very much & Merry Christmas! Savenda

The doll came and she is beautiful and I am very pleased. Thank you so much.
Merry Christmas

They're here ;- D and I love them. They will look fantastic in my living room.
Thank you and Happy Holidays

Hi Marianne,
The planter arrived yesterday, all fine. It is very nice! I might try it in the kitchen to root herbs.
Thank you!

Hi, Marianne,
The shaker arrived in perfect condition. Your packing job was superb! I'm very, very pleased with the shaker. It's exactly what I was looking for and exactly as photographed and described. I have a friend who collects vintage shakers and I'm sure he'll be pleased to receive this as a Christmas gift.
I was very, very happy with all aspects of this transaction.

Hi Marianne,
My wife, Linda, has had a great beginning to our anniversary. The coat is a huge hit and it fits perfectly!
Thank you for finding it and making it available.
Good luck to you and much health and happiness.

I did not see a place on the store website to leave feedback, so I am writing you this note instead. The tropical bird prints arrived earlier this week in fine condition. We have an original Turner mirror that belonged to my husband's grandmother. When I saw your collection of prints, I knew it would be just what we needed to complement our decor. My husband and I got them hung today and they look great!

Hi Marianne,
I received the bedspread today, thank you, it looks great & my daughter loves it.
Kindest Regards,

The horses arrived safely -- they are exactly as I expected -- perfect. They will be well-loved by my grandson. He will take good care of them. Thank you so much.

Hello - I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived today. I love the broach - it is really great. I'm giving it to a friend and I know she'll love it!!
Thank you. Laura

Hey M,
Your such a incredible friend and not to mention packer. Took me a half hour to open. Almost wanted to wait for my birthday. Very exciting. You’ll be happy to know that even though you put fragile 200 times and the mail person still dropped it clear over the 6 foot fence, the puppy boot is in one happy piece. It will be a non stop source of joy to look at and always think of you. Shari

Hi Marianne. Just a quick note to let you know that I
received your package with the beautiful tablecloth. I'm really
tickled with's splendid! You had everything fixed in
such a lovely way. Thank you very much. I hope to see you
another time.
I was just now looking at a
tablecloth book...Pamela Glasell's...and "our" tablecloth
is really big on the first, inside page! Love it!!!!
All the best until then, Gayle

Got them! They are wonderful. Just in time for Halloween!!!
You have made my day. Thanks too for the incredible packing job.
Happy Fall, Regards, Karen (Tiki skull mugs)

Love love the ice bucket! Very cool piece. Arrived in great
condition. Hope you guys are drying out okay after Irene.

It arrived yesterday – I love it! Red Lattice tablecloth.
Thank you and take care.

Received the tablecloths on Saturday. Just love them – thank you!

Hi Marianne,
The spread arrived and it is beautiful. I was going to post feedback but did not see any place to do so.
Thanks again,Charlotte

Napkins arrived this afternoon and match my other 4 perfectly! you provided great, friendly, efficient service.

The spread arrived yesterday! It’s beautiful – very orange!!!! It will look fabulous in my gray bedroom.
Thank you very much,

Dear Marianne
The bowls arrived today in awesome condition & exactly what I ordered. Thank You so much.
And if I need anything in the future - your site is the first place to check.

Hi, Marianne
My wonderful quilt arrived yesterday--super service from you, as always. I really love it! It looks "just right" draped over the back of a sand-colored chair that needed some pizzazz. The quilt gives it just that. Not only do I like the cheery quilt itself, but having its creators' tag attached is very special.
Another "as always" from you: a clean, fresh, exactly-as-described item. Many thanks, Marianne.
Best wishes to you,

I forgot to thank you for the fabric, it is perfect.

Dear Marianne,
I want to let you know that the cameo brooch arrived today and we love it. Thank you so much!

Dear Marianne,
Thank you for sending the charming children's cat hanky so promptly.
I received it yesterday, June 11th and know that my granddaughter will love it!

Received my copper pan and I love it!!! Thank you, Peggy

Thank you! I got it yesterday and it is great, can't wait to cook with it! Annabelle

Marianne: That's the fastest and best service ever! The purse arrived today!
Thanks so very much, and it's just what I was looking for.

Marianne - The quilt is safely in Rocklin and I and my husband are delighted with it. He immediately went and got a magnifying glass so we could look at details.Of course you can put my comment on your feedback page. I showed the quilt to a quilt history buff/friend and she, like myself, was very impressed with its quality and condition. Thank you again. Carol
Friendship Chain Cross Patch Quilt Poster Bed Slots
Item ID: RL 34785

HO..MY..GOD.. It is beautiful. Beautiful, I am using this on my son’s wedding day. To carry my tissues I will need while crying. Thank you so much,.Rena
Hand Beaded White Satin Purse with Pearly Pendants

The Breyer fighting stallion arrived in excellent packaging and he is in great condition!

The bathrobe is beautiful and fits perfectly. Very nice condition. Worth every penny! I love it! Thank you again.
Peachy Keen Vintage Chenille Robe

Hi Marianne,
I have received the green/white and the pink/cream crocheted pot holders and I am very pleased with them. Also, thank you so much for the shipping refund, always greatly appreciated.
Hope to do business with you again sometime.

The curtains are perfect for my kitchen.
Thanks again, have a great weekend!

Hi, Marianne

My wonderful blanket has arrived--yesterday, actually, but I didn't get to pick it up till today. (Packages too large for our mailboxes are delivered to my apartment complex office. As soon as the notice appeared in my box yesterday, I went to the office which had closed early for a staff meeting.)

The blanket is the perfect weight for the nights now and will replace the combination of summer blankets I have been using. It is certainly clean and fluffed and feels wonderful to the touch. Soft and cuddly with a very attractive design and colors. It makes me think of a soft, flannel-like
blanket--thinner than this one--I had as a child. I sure loved that softie .... loving it to threadbare! I laugh now as I think of my mother--who
never threw anything away--finally telling me it was time to let the blanket go. Fortunately, it was not a Linus moment for me, as the blanket became the cat's; she seemed to love it as much as I did.

Must tell you also how much I am loving the lovely, soft quilt I ordered from you some months ago.

Thank you for your loving care of the blanket and for your excellent service.

Happy (rest of the) weekend to you,

Goodmorning Marianne, received package. Love, Love Love everything, such a wonderful job.It is all great. Have a super weekend,

I received the lid today. It fits my pan perfectly and is the exact same color - thank you!

Wonderful bracelet!!! Thanks so much.
- Lisa

Hi Marianne,
We received the tablecloth and it looks great!  Thank you so much for
posting it.  It was a real find.
We have a small wooden four person kitchen table that has been passed
down to us and we've never had a tablecloth for it.  Now we do and it
is beautiful.
Have a great weekend!

Good morning-
I received the swizzles yesterday and they are fabulous. Thank you, Marianne!

I received my "Marme" Little Women Doll today. The doll's condition is excellent.
Thank you for packaging the doll so carefully. Phillip

My package arrived 2 days ago. I am thrilled! Every item is just as described, no surprises or disappointments.
Thank you. Keep finding this wonderful goodies for us.

Dear Marianne,
I wanted to say thank you long before please forgive me. The spread is beautiful { just like my very old one} and you, obviously, took care of it lovingly. I still can't believe that you had one. After looking for a couple of years I really was ready to give up! Life really is full of wonderful surprises! I love the old fashioned card you mailed with the spread. That in itself is a gift to be treasured. You sound like a very special person and I hope someday I'll be near your store so I can pop in and meet you! Again, thank you so much.

The frying pan arrived this week, just as promised I am happy to have it and you have been very nice to deal with. Emily

Hello--Just wanted to let you know the orange bedspread arrived
this morning. Thanks for the fast service. This thing must have
been quite a beauty when it was brand new--I especially like the
deeper colors along the edges, where there's less fading. Think
I may experiment with trying to dye it to regain some of its
original vividness. Will keep an eye on your fascinating shop

Got it today! LOVE IT!!! Paula
With your permission, may I add your words to my feedback page?
By all means YES!
1963 Calender Towel

Just wanted you to know the package came yesterday and she loves them. Thank you so much.
Hi Toni,
That's fun to know! Glad they'll have a good home.
I enjoy PBNs myself. I'm an artist, and remember doing them in my youth!" They're a fun collectible.
I'll let you know if I get any other "couples." Right now, my pairs are all flowers or animals.

Thank you very much for sending it so fast. My daughter will be so happy. She is trying to do a wall of couples in the PBN's art. Big thing now for the 30' something age group. I will let you know when the package arrives.

received the quilt yesterday, I love it, am taking it to work on monday to show my hippie friend tana, i put on my bed yesterday and slept with it. Lee Ann

Hi Marianne:
Thank you so much!!! The aprons arrived today and they are so wonderful!
I cannot wait to buy more from you in the future. I am wearing the pink and black one right now! :)
Sincerely, Skye :)

Hi Marianne received the tablecloths. I was very happy with the tablecloths. Thank you so much, have a great week end. Nancy
Hello Marianne,
Got package today, very cute pot holder set! Arrived in great condition.
Thank you very much for such fast delivery.
Thanks very much,
Hi Marianne, I received my order today thePyrex Primary Colors bowls. Everything made it safe and sound and I am so pleased thank you so very much. Juanita
Hello Marianne.
I received the caddy on Friday and it's perfect. I found 7 of the matching glasses during my travels to the thrift stores and with only 1 glass to go, I had to have the caddy.
Thanks again for offering it.
Take care.

The Breyer horse arrived all safe and sound. Thank you for the excellent packaging.

Marianne, all your items have safely arrived.
Thank you for going to such trouble in their packaging.
I'm keeping one lot in their box until I give them to Carmel (my daughter) for Christmas.
And the Carmel by the Sea tea towel was a lovely and thoughtful gift.
Again, thank you very much.
I do hope your weather has cooled and you can safely enjoy the rest of your summer.
God bless - Denise. Carmel by the Sea QLD, Australia

Received the chenille...quite nice and description was perfect...if you find anymore chenille spreads in mint condition, let me know. I do not like peacock but rather the pink and purple florals, on white background, that are somewhat ornate. I have a full bed. Thanks...helene

Hi Marianne, I received the pillowcases today and they are
gorgeous. Thanks so much and take care, Mary-Anne

i received the package, it was wrapped SO cute thank you! my mom didnt even suspect that it was fabric or anything cos it wasnt in a big roll like my other yardage is. i cant thank you enough for that :) OF COURSE you can add my comments or whatever to your page, feel free. i hope you have a really great summer, and i will send you the pictures very soon. best regards, mary

Hi Marianne,
The tablecloths arrived today and I thank you for your prompt and careful packaging, as well as for the $5.00 check.
I just love them! They are more beautiful and colorful in person, and I know I'll enjoy using them for many years to come. They are a wonderful addition to my dining room.
I will check back with your site frequently, and I wish you a happy summer of hunting and bargains.

hi marianne,
the curtains arrived today ( thank you for sending so quickly). they look and smell beautiful!!!! please tell me what you washed them in, or sprayed on them. lovely!

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for letting me know they arrived safe and sound.
They were really favorites of mine!
I wash in All and Oxyclean, and I think what I used to finish spray on yours was Glade Fresh Scent Fabric and Air, if not, Fabreeze, but sometimes I use other scented linen water sprays when ironing.

Hi Marianne,
I received the pan yesterday, very well packed! It's beautiful and even bigger than I'd thought from the pictures. Thanks so much!

Hi Marianne,
The creuset skillet arrived safely and I wanted to write and thank you for the speedy delivery. The pan is wonderful!!! I love to cook and I know I will treasure this for years to come.
Many thanks!
Best regards,

I am writing to let you know that your lovely Rebajes fish pin
and earrings set arrived safely in this afternoon's mail. I love
them! Thanks again for your beautiful listings!

Hi Marianne. The ice bucket arrived today in good shape. What a great item--I love it. Thanks for the careful packaging too. Maggie

The two Breyers – Mustang and Pacer – arrived last Thursday. I apologize for not telling you sooner, but I was out of town. Thank you for the excellent packaging and they are both in great condition.
Again thank you.
Dear Marianne,
Just received the pin - so fast!!!!!!!
I love it!!!!!!!!! I'm really glad that I decided to purchase
it! Thank you!
Hi, Marianne!
Just a note to let you know I received my dish today, and I LOVE IT !!!! Take care!

Dear Marianne i recieved the hollie hobby blanket. Thank you so
much, you have a good day. Janet
Hi Marianne, Madame Alexander Bride arrived today and she is beautiful. I am so glad to have her in my collection.
Thank you again for such a lovely doll.
Dear Marianne,
The quilt arrived today and is just lovely. The colors are perfect and the quilt brightens up the whole room. Thank you so much!Kathryn
Box arrived today - beautiful!
Thank you.
Marianne: Received the barkcloth today and it is gorgeous. Thanks so much. I'm very pleased with your service..
Thanks, Marianne. Couldn't be more pleased with my purchase, your fast communication with me, and the extra help with the "how to's".
I will be revisiting chezmarianne when looking for vintage glass! Regards, Adrienne
Hi Marianne,
I got the blanket the other day. It's beautiful, we love it!
Julie Blichmann

From cho in Korea Thanks for the product you sent me. I like it.
So pretty! Thank^^

Hello Marianne: Your parcel arrived today with the lovely
bouquet of tulips, safe and sound. The painting is really
lovely, and I am so happy that I decided to make the purchase.
I love the painting, and I will enjoy it for many years to come.
And, being that we are both born of the same year, we shall enjoy
many years together. lol
Thank you so much Marianne. I shall return, soon.
Sincerely. John Jensen.

Hi Marianne
My cousin got the blanket and she loves it. Said it was very unique. Can’t get a lot of those baby blankets anymore. Thanks so much for working with me…..

Hello, Marianne
My quilt just arrived and I LOVE it! Your description of it as a "wonderful soft old friend" is spot on. I adore its softness both in touch and color palette. And its simple pattern is exactly my taste. The quilt looks just perfect folded at the foot of my bed atop a butter yellow coverlet.
To put my joy in context ... I spent hours going through's 42 pages of "quilts" listings--three times over a period of several days. Each time I noted the possibles, and each time I came back to yours.
Many thanks for the lovely quilt and your excellent service.
All the best to you,

Dear Marianne,
Just wanted to let you know that the coral bakelite knot earrings
arrived safely. They are really something! I'll get a kick out of
wearing them this fall! Thanks for listing them.
Yours, Sharon

I bought this 'cutter' blanket from you last year for this project, just wanted to show you the result, the chair is actually a sleigh (hard to see the skis and handle at back). The piece honours one of the early explorers hired by the Hudson Bay company, Samuel Hearne. If you come across other blankets like this, in any colours, please let me know as I would love to make a series.

Hello, Marianne! My package is here, beautifully wrapped (nothing could have moved a centimeter) and speedily shipped and I LOVE both items. The Descoware casserole is a treasure and maybe my niece will get it at Christmas, if I can stand to part with it. The little "Nancy" came through just fine. Thank you for everything, especially your notes. Will be looking in. Very best, Sally

Hi Marianne,
As promised, here are pictures of the first handbag made from the beautiful barkcloth fabric. I really do love the way it turned out. Hopefully I will get several made before the craft fair season kicks off this fall. And yes, you may use my comments on your feedback page.

Hi Marianne,
The fabric arrived today and is truly wonderful. It looks
fantastic, and I'm sure it will make beautiful handbags. I'm
still considering one of the other barkcloths as well. Of
course, now I need to make room by sewing up what I already have.
Thanks so much.

Hi Marianne,
I got the tiki mugs today, thanks so much for the quick ship!
Kind Regards,

Thanks Marianne for the prompt shipment. I decieded to stop using paper napkins and can't imagine a better way to go green than with vintage Vera!The napkins arrived today and are great. Thanks again.

Marianne, the package arrived on Monday ; I was out , so I picked it up at our post office the next day . You did an amazing job wrapping some very odd-shaped items !! The cookware is beautiful and in great shape ; the wooden tray is a fine example of Dansk woodwork , and I really look forward to putting them all to use. Fortunately , we live on a very hilly part of Seattle and are not faced with the overflowing rivers elsewhere ; barring landslides , I plan on cooking with the pots tonight . Best wishes for 2009 , Jytte.
Ps : look forward to checking your RL shop again.
Marianne, sorry about the delay in letting you know the package arrived way before Christmas. The cookware is as advertised , and I gave the covered casserole to my oldest daughter for Christmas. Look forward to checking your shop again. Happy New Year ! Jytte Simmons
You may absolutely put in a few good words from me. I had to laugh, even my husband was interested in it when it came....usually he doesn't pay any attention to things (what I'm up to).
He said it's in good shape, then had to compare it to the one I have.... Griswold pan, about an inch lower but about an inch longer/wider in size.
Cute story about your mom's Thanksgiving and you! My daughter is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30am in a Madison hospital. We are 60 miles north of there...we'll be going down in the afternoon. The fun begins!!!
Again, thanks so much,
have a blessed Christmas & New Year

Thanks Sandy!
Loved hearing back from you.
I appreciate it. I love to know it arrived safe and sound, and I wish your daughter the best delivery service too! I just celebrated my 60th. (I was born on Thanksgiving that year) my Mom didn't get her mince meat pie or turkey, just me.
They say a good pan has all the memories in it.
The tradition continues, and, it is an important thing to pass on to generations.
PS, can I put,with your permission, a few good words on my personal feedback page?
Hi Marianne,
The roaster just arrived safe and sound. You really had it packaged good. It looks daughter is s'pose to be here any minute so wanted to let you know.
She is having their baby this week, cesarean, hopefully she will be scheduled for Wednesday..waiting to find out today. I have a lot to do before the baby comes with Christmas and all. It was a pleasure doing business with you....and BILL.
Happy Holidays!
Hi Marianne,
The Christmas tablecloths arrived today and they are beautiful. Thank you very
much and we will meet again.
Happy Holidays, diane

I got the quilt yesterday and really think it's great. Thanks for everything. Veta

The package arrived today. My Mother will be so pleased when she comes home from the hospital to see the bedspread she has been looking for over a period of years.

Christine Duckett-Brown

The cookbook arrived several days ago and I am sorry I am just now getting to e-mail you. I am just thrilled. I had this book in loose-leaf form as a newlywed. In the 70's I used the cake recipes in this book for the basis of the decorated cakes I made for people. (birthday, wedding, etc.) However, fourteen years ago I lost my book in a major move and missed using it. This was one of my favorite cookbooks, and now, thanks to you, I have an old friend back.
Thank you also, for a cookbook in excellent condition as you had promised.
Thanks and best wishes,

Hi Marianne -
clip arrived yesterday. Beautiful! Better even than the photo. Do you wrap everybody's packages in ribbon? Very nice personal touch!
Happy Bastille Day!

thank you for responding promptly, and yes i did buy a knife from you last year. i use it every day at work and makes me delicious food! i saw that you had another sabatier in very nice condition, so i had to sieze the oppurtunity. thanks again and ill let you know how it works when i recieve it. Pleasure as always to do business with you!-jesse
Hi Jesse,
Great to hear back from you!
Thanks for the paypal. I'll mail out tomorrow.
Happy to hear about your first knife, and hope you'll have a fine time with this one too.
Would you mind if I added your kind words to my own feedback page?
Also, just curious, what restaurant do you cook for? I have good friends in SF, and would be happy to recommend your establishment to them.

The restaurant is called Farina, its in the mission district, and we make fresh pasta, bread, and foccacia everyday. everything is amazing, the chef is from Genoa, Italy, which is in liguria at the north. the food is like no other italian i am used to, and very different from other italian restaurants. please send your friends my way! thanks so much. -jesse

It works!
I am so excited.
I travel almost every three months and with airlines charging for just about everything, I wanted a nice carry on case.
Thanks so much I love it and hope to buy again soon.
Many thanks,
Hi Mali,
If I remember correctly, push the round locks with keyholes towards the sides. This should pop the clasps.
Try sticking your thumbs on the sides of them nearest to center of suitcase, Push left with your left hand, and right with your right hand.
Let me know if that works.
On Jul 12, 2008, at 2:35 PM, mali tanovanh wrote:
Hello Marianne
I just receieved my order
But, I have a do I open the cases?

It arrived just before the weekend and looks great. I cleaned it up a little, re-seasoned it a couple of time and let it rest over the weekend. Fixed a great omelet in it this morning. It was a breeze because it was much more non-stick than any non-stick you can think of. Slid it around, lifted the edges for the uncooked portions to fill under, eased into the open pre-heated broiler of the toaster oven, got it where I wanted, put a crease at one third, folded and then inverted it over onto the plate. Perfect triple fold omelet with a soft, but cooked interior, and a light golden flecked exterior. Great pan!!

Hi Marianne,
The bowls arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you so much for your careful packaging.
Hi Roxi,
Glad to hear they arrived safe and sound! May I add your kind words to my personal feedback page?
Oh yes - please do. I can't tell you how disappointed I have been with the cracked, chipped, and broken items Ebay listers have unabashedly sent to me. I am so pleased with my experience dealing with a professional shop at Ruby Lane. I'll be back! : )

Hi, Got the spreads today! Thank you very much. They are both
very pretty. Pic didn't do them justice. Will have lot of fun
crafting with these. Thanks again, Polly

Received bedspread today. It's lovely, thanks a
bunch. Nancy


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Mom gave me this book on my 11th birthday, well I'm 45 now. And, it was stolen with everything else I had in storage. On the grand scale of things, people are what really matters in the end. But, it will be nice to have the book back as it will serve as a reminder of my Mom and my heritage.

Good afternoon…..package arrived at work this week, I was not there, so one of my friend brought it to me today. Everything is WONDERFUL…..especially the bowls, what memories they bring back. The linens are delightful as well. Thanks again for everything, Michele

Hi Marianne,
Just a quick note to let you know that the Holly Hobbie bedspreads arrived today. They are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks so much for your quick communication and delivery. My Holly Hobbie collection for my daughter is slowly beginning to grow - I don't know who is the bigger Holly Hobbie fan - I suspect it might be me!!
Thanks again,
Kind regards,

Hi Marianne,
Received these fine knives earlier in the week but have only now had time to sit down and write a thank you about them. Unless I've completely overlooked it, there's no way to leave feedback of any kind at Ruby Lane, so this will have to suffice. Needless to say, I'm very happy with them and with our entire transaction.
All the best,

Marianne, the suitcases are here and ready for new travels ...
Thank you very much for the solid package.
Ruby Lane Purchase Order #1046306


Re: Ruby Lane Purchase Order #1043601
Wow -- got it yesterday -- on the bed today -- terrific! My wife
is very much impressed with the spread.
If I could find a place to make a public comment on your fine
service, I would be glad to do it.
Bruce Wilson

Hi Marianne,
The bedspread just arrived & it’s beautiful ~ I just love it!
Thanks so much!

Marianne, I recieved my blocks today. They are AWESOME!!!!!!! I will finish them.
I love that the basting stitches are still there.
If you come across anything else with 1930's or feedsack fabrics, please notify me.
All the best
and many thanks!

Thanks so much Marianne ~ I'm so happy to have found these twins :) they are gorgeous!
Now I need a pink and blue one to match ;)
thanks again,

Hi Marianne, Received the tiki today! Love it! Perfect addition to my collection. Take care Aloha, Renee

Marianne, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for both the wonderfully beautiful & warm blanket and your patience. As I said before, this was my first experience purchasing this way...from now on I'll be using PayPal! And mystery solved...the check came back returned. I guess I had the wrong address. Anyway, I'll be in touch soon to buy more!
My thanks, again, Theresa

Marianne, Thank you so much for my new Dansk piece.
It was very well packed. It looks more than perfect
in my kitchen. Thanks again, Nancy

Hi Marianne
The 'cats' arrived and they are absolutely gorgeous; and packed like Fort Knox! My daughter wants them, haha. Thanks very much...Im so happy with them.

Hi Marianne - well parcel arrived and they are sooooooooooooo lovely. I adore the raspberry one the most - it is the loveliest colour I have ever seen!!! I am going to have much fun making these up into patchwork quilts!!!
Best wishes - trace :0)

I just wanted to let you know that I received the drapes and am very happy with them, Thanks for washing them they smell nice and fresh.
Best Regards,

Received the knife today. Very nice and undamaged but how could it possibly get damaged with that extraordinary packing job?

Dear Marianne:
See, I told you we had the worst P.O. - I am just going to have to find other avenues for delivery from this point forward. I see they state they tried to deliver yesterday and left a notice (what a bunch of baloney) and will try to redeliver (well, they didn't try today and again, no notice left) & I have been home all week sick so haven't stepped foot out of the house. I will try to send someone to pick up for me (with my I.D.) but don't know if that will work either as the last time I went into our P.O. trying to locate a package they claimed they tried to deliver, they wouldn't even help me because they said they needed the notice they left in my mailbox and of course, they hadn't - - even went to the Supervisor who did nothing and the package got sent back.

Oh, well . . . . .hopefully, it isn't on its way back to you.

Thanks for the help.


My neighbor just GOT IT for me - thanks, Marianne. As always, it's absolutely a BEAUT! & smells so fresh - thanks for washing.

We are all just thoroughly disgusted with our local Post Office . . . oh, well . . . .

Thanks again, Marianne; especially for giving me the confirmation number; apparently, if she didn't have that with her, she wouldn't have been given the package, so I thank you.

Marianne, have a wonderful weekend & take care.


Hi Marianne,
The spread arrived today and it is just divine. I was hard pressed to find the marks you mentioned – in fact I still haven’t found them. It’s my first Hoffman and wow it’s special.
Thanks again, it has been a pleasure.

Dear Marianne:
The tablecloth arrived a few days ago but I was away. It is another beauty - I thank you!
I will have to take another look through your shop real soon!!!
Thanks again & take care, Marianne.

I got the book today(Vincent and Mary Price cookbook) and it looks great. My daughter will be thrilled and very surprised to have her own copy. Thanks for all your help.

I thought that you had excellent pictures on your
site, but they do not do the linen justice. It is
exquisite - I am so pleased that I was able to find
such a unique gift item - you went above and beyond,
the piece looks new, you kept me informed every step
of the way and you delivered - with so many stores and
choices to select from, you have made it easy for me.
I'll look at your stuff first as you have set
yourself apart, by virtue of quality, communication
and follow through, from the endless choices available
on-line. Thank you again, I am certain we will do
business in the future.
With much appreciation,

We received our Treasure Island glasses today.
They arrived in perfect condition and we are thrilled.
Thank you so much for packing them so carefully to
ensure their safe delivery. We will enjoy them for
many years to come, I'm sure.
-Doug and Melissa Miller

I got the quilt. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Thanks again,

Hi Marianne,
Thanks so much for your kind words and for the information. The
bedspread is beautiful on my bed. You are welcome to use my words in
your feedback page. Ruby Lane is great place and site. So many nice,
helpful people, like yourself! It's such a pleasure.
Thank you and take care,

Hi Marianne,
I just wanted to let you know your article about chenille
bedspreads was fantastic! How impressive. I've printed a copy to
keep for future reference. Could you give me an estimate of about
when the bedspread I purchased from you was made?
I misplaced your direct email address, so I hope you get this.
Thank you,

Hi Marianne,
I wanted to let you know I received the chenille bedspread. Beautiful!
I'm going to very much enjoy using it. I'm looking forward to reading
your article in Ruby Lane newsletter.
Thanks and take care!

The bedspread I bought from you on Ruby Lane arrived safe and sound and it’s lovely!!!
Also, congratulations on your feature article in the Ruby Lane Times. Well deserved!
Happy spring,

Oh, Marianne.
The fabric arrived today. I don't know what to say about it. Even my daughter said "Wow!" when I unwrapped it. It is just gorgeous. I must admit that it is the first type of barkcloth of its type that I've ever purchased. Like I said, I'm usually more the flowery type, but this were right. It's a piece of art. I held it up to the kitchen window and it gives the kitchen a whole new look. Very retro. You know when you just see something and it speaks to you? This was one of those times. I'm just so pleased with it. You were right on with your description. Diane

Hi Marianne,

I wanted to let you know how much I like my
bedspread. I have been very sick with an upper respiratory
infection that has been going around here and just opened my
package from you this past Saturday. I mean, it was like
Christmas. I had 3 packages from January that I had not opened
because I had just been so sick. I am very pleased with my bedspread and look
forward to renewing my older one with this one. I normally email
back to the shopowner when I get my packages or goodies in from
them and this is a first for me to not do that. Have a good night
and week nightowl. Voilee

Hello Marianne, I received my three aprons purchased from you through Ruby Lane. They are precious and they also smell so sweet. I love them. Most of the aprons that I've collected are from all of my elderly aunts, some from my mother, who passed away a year ago, and even my dad's chef's apron that he always wore when he slow cooked his famous T-bone steaks on the grill in the driveway out front. I only wish I had started collecting when my grandmothers were alive as I have none of their aprons. But fond memories of them letting me "help". Of course, they always wore aprons. It's a wonder way to remember the precious women in my life and womanhood in general. Thanks for the lovely additions. They are displayed in my beautiful breakfast room. It was a pleasure to have met you--Gayanne

I have never gotten more compliments than on your linens, Marianne. From the Multi-Color Yo-Yo Quilt to the Pink Chenilles to the Clown Spread to the Daybed Cover and Pillow Shams, etc. etc., every one I put on is a hit!!!
Oh, my, I know I have told you this before but your site can be dangerous yet wonderful.
I just read your profile and I never knew you were an Artist - would explain the great taste you have. And you're able to create and maintain websites - how wonderful is that! And your Husband is a Musician and Writer. Boy, you guys really are into the Arts - sounds as if you are a Perfect Match! I also never realized the House on your website was yours (absolutely BEAUTIFUL) - my dream as always been to live in a Victorian House though I know the cost to upkeep such a beauty would be astronomical (I love the Victorian Pieces from jewelry to furniture, you name it - if it's Victorian, I LOVE IT!!!) Who knows maybe one day I'll get out of this little condo and buy a house - what A Dream Come True that would be.

Just to let you know the blanket arrived safely today. Lovely and so huge,
and soft!


Thank you, received my Hula Hut mug today great addition to my collection.

Hi Marianne,
Last night I went through your store at Ruby Lane and found that wonderful tablecloth. What a great pattern!
So, if you can mail the tablecloth and bedspread together that would save you a bit of packing (priority mail is ok). Or separately is fine also.
I also found your website and enjoyed seeing your available selections and your booths. You have a good eye for the unusual, and the quality is outstanding. The quilts and especially the chenille, are so rare these days. I saw at least 6 quilts and chenile bedspreads that I'd love to have, so you may be hearing from me again!
I love the picture of your home--what a great porch and yard!

Hi Marianne,
The order came this morning. I am delighted with the bedspread and tablecloth.
Thanks so much.

Marianne, What a BEAUTIFUL SENECA yellow Driftwood covered bowl. I received it today in your WONDERFUL PACKAGING! Wish all ebayers would package like you and like us!!! I will treasure this piece and add it to my yellow collection. THANKS AGAIN. I left positive feedback already. Let me know if you find anymore of this yellow color. You are a SUPER EBAYER!!!! Ann

I bought the beautiful Bates bedspread from you (pink & white).
It is absolutely gorgeous, by the way!
(Your bedspread was my very first buy on Ruby Lane.)
Thanks So Much,

LOVE THE CHENILLE BEDSPREADS that I purchased from you!!! I
meant to write sooner but couldn't so I wanted to get this note
off to you to say THANK YOU for having such quality merchandise!!
I love chenille spreads and I plan on purchasing more from you in
the future. I especially love the white wedding circle one you


Hi Marianne, Vase arrived today in fine shape! Thanks again, Aloha, Renee